Monday, May 14, 2012

So, What Do You Eat?

One of the questions I get asked frequently, is 'What do you eat?' The general answer is 'Anything I want'.


It sounds like a flip response, but it isn't. I really do eat whatever I want. It took me a while to learn to trust it,  but I believe my body has a much better idea what fuel and nutrients it needs at any given time than any external source. My job is to listen and trust it.

But here for a more specific answer is a snapshot of a typical day. This particular day was a Saturday. I woke up early so I baked a loaf of bread for breakfast. I also had a couple of pieces of bacon and an egg fried in the bacon fat.

We were out shopping at lunchtime, so we stopped at a mexican chain restaurant for lunch. It was rainy day, so I had a bowl of tortilla soup topped with cheese and sour cream. When we got home, I had a cup of tea.

Dinner was leftovers from earlier in the week. I had a bowl of chili with cheese and sour cream on top, and a slice of cornbread with butter. That was very similar to lunch, but I'm not the kind of person who's bothered by that. I had planned on having popcorn after dinner, but was too full so I didn't.

I don't plan how much I'm going to eat or how often. I tend to eat more at weekend meals, so don't need to eat as often as I do during the week when my meals tend to be smaller. I don't plan it that way, I think just being busy there isn't as much time to eat a large meal.

As to what I eat, as closely as possible I eat what I like and what sounds good to me at the time. Whatever it is it will not be low fat 'diet' food, and very seldom 'junk food'. Neither appeals to me from either a taste or health standpoint.

I'm working to find a balance between planning ahead and eating what and when I like. It's also important to me personally to be hungry for dinner time with my family which is another area I'm working on.  It's early days, though, and I believe as time goes on I will find that balance.

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