Friday, July 13, 2012

You Might Be an Ex-Dieter if....

you eat the actual food you want, rather than a 'version' of it.

For breakfast today, I had french toast and sausage. Back in my dieting days it would have been a thin slice of bread soaked in a mixture of egg white or two egg whites and one yolk beaten with some skimmed milk and a dash of spices, and 'fried' with a non-stick spray. The sausage would have been more like 'sausage' - something low-fat,  or worse, fake. The syrup would undoubtedly been fake - (most are anyway) and probably low cal.

Today's breakfast resembles that one in name only. Thick slices of two day old artisan bread, soaked in a mixture of free range eggs and fresh cream spiced with homemade vanilla and fresh grated nutmeg, cooked in grass-fed butter and topped with (real) maple syrup. The sausage is locally produced without the usual suspects (nitrates/ites, msg, etc)

I used to always feel like a failure for not being able to stick to my 'sensible diet'. Looking at this, I find it very easy now to understand why.