Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sticking to a Diet When Life is...

....busy, difficult, chaotic, unpredictable.....

All of the above?

I remember those days. I should, since I spent so many years of my life dieting.  How the lack of any semblance of a regular schedule or routine, like vacation, added stress that I really didn't need and took some of the enjoyment out of the experience. The eating at odd hours and the logistics of coordinating 'my' food and 'their' food, or worrying that a restaurant won't have food I'm 'allowed' to eat

Then there were the times I decided to put the diet 'on hold' of the duration. If anything, this was worse.  I would end up eating much more than normal - even more than I wanted to,  because of course, this was the only time I was going to allow myself to eat like this. And if I thought I was strict before - that was nothing compared to how strict I was going to be once I got home and found out how much weight I'd gained after a week or more of vacation eating. 

Our recent vacation was, at times, all the things I mentioned above. We traveled with a family quite different from ours, with different eating styles and habits, and we were often in isolated areas as well. Everyone had to adapt and compromise - and at times food choices were extremely limited.

More than once I thought about how stressful the experience would have been if I was trying to stick to a diet (and/or exercise program) in addition to everything else that was going on. Instead I was able to just go with it. Dinner at 11? Not ideal, but sure. Ice cream anyone? No problem ( and it was excellent ice cream, too). Spending hours (days?)  in the car? It will all balance out.

And it will.

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