Friday, November 16, 2012

The Least I Can Do for Me

I mentioned a few months ago that my life had undergone a major change. I made a career change that has thrown my professional and personal life into...well, not exactly chaos. But close. Months later  I'm adapting to it, but it's still taking up most of my time and energy.

One of the things that has changed though is the food landscape. Before this happened I lived in a pretty self-contained world. I didn't get out around other people much, especially at meal times. Now I am with people all day long. Lovely, wonderful, (honestly) generous people. And of course, there is a lot of food.

I have found myself eating food I don't want. Sometimes even food I don't enjoy. But worse than that, I have been eating food that makes me feel unwell. I can live with sometimes eating the don't want/enjoy food, but food that makes me feel ill, just to be 'polite'?

Most of the time, I don't want anything, so I don't eat it. Occasionally, however, I do. Usually nothing happens, but a few times I've begun to feel ill shortly afterwards. A few days ago it happened again. It got me thinking how whatever I ate was totally not worth how lousy I felt.

It's time to stop allowing food I don't even enjoy to interfere with something as important as my health and well-being. It's what I would do for someone else. It's the least I can do for myself.

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